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I was 9 and had just started to crank out some notes on my Cleveland King...student model. My parent's endured and the neighbors shut their windows, only to open them years later to the sounds of Herb Alpert...or at least I thought so. Is it my imagination or is the trumpet bell bigger than my head?
Age 15, performing with a group called AYJB - the American Youth Jazz Band. I was fortunate enough to be chosen by the great Hal Schiff to be a part of this awesome band of teenagers. We went to Europe for about a month playing American Jazz to people who really did love it. What an experience...I'll never forget. Did I tell you about the time we played at a prison in Germany?
In the Summer of '80, I was playing and traveling throughout Europe with some good friends. Another friend of mine, who I met during my European tour with the American Youth Jazz Band in '76, lived in I went up to visit with him. He snapped this picture of me at his house in Edinburgh. My friend came to the US to study music and later went on to write and play sax for Buddy Rich.
While playing with the band Group Therapy in the mid-80s, GT became a popular draw at the Stone Balloon and it's famous Friday Happy Hours. I'm attempting one of my not so famous drink a beer through my horn trick. The ladies loved it, the trumpet hated it! I guess I was about 26 when this was taken.
Another picture from the days of the Stone Balloon, hey I said we played there alot. I'm attempting to belt out some rock and roll tune...probably Mony Mony which to my count I sang 1,392 times that year alone.
While playing with Group Therapy around 1988. It was one of those fancy New Year's Eve parties we played. Yeah, like I remember THAT night.
In the Summer of '92, I was attending a good friend's wedding and of course I had to sing a song since I was without a trumpet. So it had to guessed it...Mony Mony. Which by my count I had sung a grand total of three thousand, seven hundred and forty two times.
We used to play this really cool place in Harrington Delaware. It was a Casino in the middle of a whole bunch of farms. I have to say the stage was great and they took care of us.
Back in 2001, Group Therapy played the Maryland State Fair in Timonium. While that was pretty cool, what was even cooler was opening for Kool and The Gang that night. During my time with GT, we opened for quite a few well known groups. Mostly on the floating barge at the Kahuna. Remember those days?
Here I am posing with my 1970 Cutlass convertible and my 1980 Schilke trumpet.
  Rob  - Trumpet/Fluegelhorn/Keyboards/Sax/Vocals
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